Nowadays, you rarely can go about your day without having to hear about the environmental issues plaguing our world: whether you watch the news on the television, read them on the smartphone or your newspapers, or even if you just converse with other people, you will likely end up hearing about some form of environmental issue. Of course, when referring to environmental issues, many people tend to assume these to be related to pollution. Whilst a large part of environmental problems is indeed related to some form of pollution, problematic land acquisitions and constructions, destruction of habitats, deforestation, soil degradation and erosion, etc. are also part of the issues. As such, the topic of environmental issues is indeed vast, and if you ever come across some form of issue that seems to have a direct influence on you, you might be somewhat confused as to what to do.However, if you can successfully link your problem to an issue in the environment surrounding you, there is a very good chance that an right environment and planning lawyer can do something about your issue. To provide some examples of what an environment lawyer can tackle, here are some of the most common cases that tend to be litigated in courts:

Contamination-related issues – one of the most common problems to be tackled under environment law is issues related to contamination. Contamination is a form of pollution, and is most often cited with regards to water sources – but the contamination of the soil is also another prominent form of contamination. Generally, contamination is related to business activities that see the dumping of dangerous substances, or their unsatisfactory processing before they are released to the environment. Agricultural activities that release herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals are amongst the principal causes behind water contamination, whereas improper disposal of waste – both solid and otherwise – is often the main culprit behind the contamination of the soil. Contamination, as an issue, becomes relevant when you find that your property has been affected by the contamination, or if the natural resources you are making use of – water being the prime example – have been affected by the pollution.

  • Illegal constructions – another common issue litigated by land and environment court lawyers in Sydney is illegal construction. Whilst at first glance this might not really seem like a problem belonging under the umbrella of environment law, the truth is that constructions which have not been authorized by local government institutions can be successfully sued under environmental law.
  • Trespassing – and finally, whilst you might believe otherwise, trespassing and other activities that constitute a nuisance to the owner of the property also fall under environmental law. As such, if you find that your property has been illegally accessed or visited by other persons, or if you find that other individuals have proved a disturbance to you (within your property), an appointment with an environment lawyer might give you an idea on how to proceed further.