Educational Requirements To Be A Criminal Attorney

March 8, 2016 by Bradley Thompson

Criminal defense attorneys or lawyers defend the individuals who are charged with committing various types of crimes. The crimes may range from petty fine issues, cheating and fraud, domestic violence, robbery, to violent crimes such as murder or drug crimes, trafficking, sex tourism, etc.

It is the defense lawyer’s duty to stand for his client to safeguard his Constitutional rights. But it is not so easy to become a criminal defense attorney. One has to work very hard to reach to that level and be a renowned criminal attorney or lawyer.

First of all, to get admission into a good and reputed law school, you have to clear a bachelor’s degree from a college or university which should be accredited. It is not necessary that you have to obtain the bachelor’s degree in this field only. But generally pre-law candidates tend to obtain bachelor’s degree in subjects such as sociology, history, political science, psychology and economics. Admission in law schools is very tight and strict, so it is advised to the candidates aspiring to become criminal lawyers to score high grades and chose a well- rounded subject or program. The more your marks is, the better law school you can get admitted to.

Candidates should have to be fluent and confident speakers. Speaking skill is one of the most essential skills required to become criminal lawyers in Sutherland. To strengthen the speaking skills, one should start practicing and preparing while still in college. You can join debate competitions or public speaking programs to gain fluency and confidence in speaking in front of anyone.

While studying in college, building strong bonds with the professors can be fruitful. While applying in law schools, you need to submit recommendation letters. And if you have a good relationship with your professors they can write recommendation letters for you. By working as a research assistant or teaching assistant, you can start creating a good bond with the faculty of your college. Click this link for further information regarding criminal lawyers.

Besides these, you also need to clear the LSAT (Law Schools Admission Test) to get into any accredited and reputed law school. A high score in this test may qualify you for free money from the law school you choose, as law schools are giving more scholarships due to the recent decline in the participants of law school.

Once you get admission in a law school, you have to complete a three-year program consisting of core courses, specialised courses and courses based on practical experience. Internships are also available in many programs. These classes cover criminal law research and writing, etc. and they demand the candidates to fulfill the requirements of ethics and professionalism too. There are many such law schools where the candidates get the opportunity to work directly with a law professor or with any experienced lawyer. The graduates receive a J.D (Juris Doctor) on completion of the course and henceforth they are eligible to apply for the state bar examination. Before practicing law, it is essential to pass the bar exam. Individual state agencies administer this exam and individuals get the license to practice within that state.

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