Things To Consider Before Hiring A Lawyer

March 29, 2016 by Bradley Thompson

Hiring any professional is a task that should not be taken lightly no matter whatever the job is. If you will be paying for a service, then it is for your best interest that you should get your money’s worth. Whether you may be in search of an accountant or a plumber, the advice will apply and it never hurts to keep little pieces of advice like this in your back pocket. So today we will be providing you with a number of tips that will help you to hire the best lawyer whether it be dispute resolution, overseeing and drafting contracts or estate matters.

First thing when it comes to law is, is he qualified to practice in the country or the state? You may have watched Suits and thought, education doesn’t really matter if you’re as good as Mike Ross but no. Using an attorney who is not qualified to practice in your region is an unwise decision to make. Mainly because they will be committing a crime and any legal matter he attends to will be voided. So make sure that all his paperwork checks out, or else hiring a property disputes lawyer would be in vain.

Then you also have to make sure that the prospective hire has an adequate amount of year practicing in the profession. While having a degree from the best university and having graduated number one in his batch might be an advantage, in a profession such as this being book smart only will not be sufficient, you need to be street smart as well. Also you need to make sure that they have prior experience in the area of law that they will have to deal with the most. Hiring an attorney who specialises in maritime law might not be the best option for a property disputes lawyer. Having an attorney who has prior experience in dealing with like owners corporation lawyers situation not only puts you in an advantageous position as they will have inner knowledge on how the proceedings take place and what to watch for and to avoid.

Then there is one factor that is unique to certain professions when hunting for a professional and that is success rate. If you are hiring an attorney, you would want to know how many times he’s won or how often the side he represented was the winning party. It may sound vulgar and crass but you don’t want to hire an attorney who doesn’t win. So the next time you are on the hunt for an attorney, remember to keep these little titbits in mind.

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