Getting Over A Divorce

July 3, 2016 by Bradley Thompson

A divorce is never easy; even if you wanted one or ages. A relationship that is as significant as marriage, whether good or bad, has a huge say in our lives. And the break of that very relationship can cause major chaos in your life, whether you wanted the divorce or not. As humans, and according to Newton’s law of motion, we are opposed to change. We dot like it when our daily life patterns are disrupted. Divorce does just this. You might have thought you will be over the moon when the divorce is actually happening, just to find yourself immersed in self-pity and sadness head to toe. Following tips might help you deal with this stressful situation.

Expedite the process

If you are sure about your divorce and you know there is no other way out, just get it over with. Don’t keep dragging it.Procrastination is not going to help anyone. Try to get it all done soon, so that you can start moving on and reinventing yourself. Try not to drag too many legal issues like unnecessary court appearances Frankston on to your plate. Get a good lawyer to make it fair on you. 

Literally move out

If you are the one who has to move out of the house, do a thorough job of it. Don’t leave little things behind so that you could make it an excuse to come back to the house every once in a while. Take it all, including the memories. Deal with them out of that house. If you are to move on, you have got to completely move out first. 

Stop blaming yourself

It is easy to wallow in self-pity in situations like this; blaming yourself and your existence for everything that has happened. Take responsibility of the things you did wrong, and try to correct yourself moving forward in life, but dwelling upon “What-if’s and “if only is not going to make your life even the slightest bit better.

Use everything as a stepping stone to move on

Leaving the past behind and starting afresh is the goal, right? Then use every stone thrown t your way as a stepping stone to do just that. From court appearances to document signing to having to give up on your dog; use it all as means to help yourself get over one memory, one incident. In this case find a reliable lawyer for your legal issue.

Write it all down, and burn it

Do the above, literally. It is always nice to talk to someone, but if you have to talk, do so with one person. Reliving the story with so many, will not let the wound heal. The best way though is to write it all down, and literally burn the papers you wrote on. Don’t do a rush job, take your time. Take a lot of time and pen down every thought of yours.

Take yourself to the spotlight

Focus on you. Do things for you. Go out of the way to do things that make you happy. Go to a spa, get a luxurious haircut, travel; do whatever it is that you wanted to do. Stop worrying about money for once, and grab the opportunity to enjoy, in the name of getting over a divorce. 

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