Secretarial Guide To Success 

July 18, 2017 by Bradley Thompson

You might be a Personal Assistant or a secretary working in a small scale or a large scale company. Whatever it is, there are many things that you have to make sure gets done successfully as you are a part of the organization mostly, assisting the directors and the smooth operation of the company. Therefore, ready the below to pick some tips on how to be a successful secretary and to make sure that your work contribute to a smooth operating company.  

Organize to manage the time 
As a secretary you are expected to be timely and well arranged in your work schedules and other activities. If you are organized, then you can ensure that the directors and other staff are efficient on time. Therefore, keep a written and an online year planner where you can write down all your engagements and responsibilities for a day without missing any. If you are using an online planner or planner software, you can arrange for the automatic reminders to pop-up as and when needed. Having a proper planner will ensure that you are well aware of the tasks that are due to you and the tasks that are pending. For example, you could see that the directors are about to travel abroad for a business meeting next month, which means you will have to look for visa lawyers starting no, to avoid any disappointments. You can read more about this by visitng  

Attention to detail 
Most of the company’s written mail and online mail are directed to you before they are directed to the Managers and Directors and it becomes your job to make sure you sort the most necessary items that needs to be received by the top management and leave out things such as marketing leaflets because he/she won’t have time to go through all that.  

Personal Matters 
If you are a personal assistant you may have to organize certain occasions and functions of his/her private life which do not give you the authority to divulge into his personal matters. Therefore, if he wants to fly his spouse to a different country, your job would be to contact a partner visa lawyer Sydney and a ticketing agency without interfering too much.  

Privacy taken serious 
Privacy of the information and the details that are only company-specific are run through from the top management to the lower managements, mostly through you. If you are not careful you might let the information slip past without thinking too much. Also, you should have the integrity to read the documents but never ever take the company related matters outside the company. This is one of the most absolute behaviours expected from a secretary or personal assistant. 

Act with dignity and respect 
As a representative of the company or the people who are visiting the company on an external basis you are required to act with dignity and responsibly. Firstly as a secretary you should be able to carry yourself with dignity and respect and conduct in the humblest manner. Also, Make sure that you know all the names of the people working in your organizations and their relative departments, as you cannot be portrayed as a person without knowledge to the rest of the world.

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