A car accident, regardless of how major or minor it was, can easily rattle your nerves – especially if it was your first accident ever. After the lengthy wait-out by the roadside until the police officers and insurance officers arrived on the scene, the exchange of information and documents, you finally make it home to slump down on your sofa in despair. The reason is obvious: the struggle begins now. As you might have heard, litigations over accidents can run for months or even years at a time. There are lucky instances where you can settle accidents with the settlement offers your insurance company presents you with – or with the personal settlements the two parties involved in the accident make between themselves – but most of the time, the cases can get tiresome and lengthy.car accident lawyer Perth

To begin with, there a number of clear-cut instances where you will know if your case will be on the lengthier side, and require you to obtain the counsel of a car accident lawyer Perth:

  • When you do not fully know what happened in the accident: more often than not, drivers involved in the accident can find themselves unaware of what actually happened during an accident. As you might have learnt, it is very important to not assume facts about an accident (and to tell these assumed facts to an officer as if they were legitimate descriptions of what went down). There are also instances where the parties involved in the case describe extremely different scenarios (of course, a few minor disparities in the events are entirely possible, but if major parts or the entire event is differently described, no excuses can be made). In both cases, lawyers are of utmost necessity.
  • If you have sustained major injuries: there is nothing to explain here. If the accident in question has caused you major injuries (which, keep in mind, qualify as ‘personal injuries’ – damages sustained by a person, as opposed to a property or place), you will a personal injuries attorney to assess your situation and claims. This is why it is important to photographic records of the injuries you sustain, and also why it is important to always undergo a medical check-up after an accident: it is not a rare case for pains and injuries of an accident to show up hours after the collision.
  • The settlement from your insurance company is too low: it is very common for the first amount offered by your insurance company to be too low to cover all your claims of injuries or damage. Most companies do increase their compensation settlements, but there is a limit beyond which they won’t go any higher. In certain instances, (again, very common) this value can yet be minimal, which means that you will need to litigate the settlement amount through the court.
  • The other party decides to call for a lawsuit: of course, there is also the probability that the other party involved in the accident suffers from personal injuries or wishes to obtain a higher settlement. Or they may also be confused about the events of the accident. In all of these cases, they may bring a lawsuit against you before you decide whether to bring the case to court or not. In such instances, there is no room for discussion: you will need your own legal defence, and hiring a personal attorney is a must.